Since 1995, CAOLION cosmetics, Korea’s leading natural cosmetic established its own innovative technique
of developing cosmetics including manufacture, distribution, and based on branding artisanship,
it runs ‘Brand consulting & Management for cosmetics’ to cover a variety of process to develop its cosmetic business,
starting from Market research, Merchandise, R&D, Design, Producing subsidiary materials, Advertisement,
Sales hook, Contract research organizations, Marketing & Promotion and even Sales.
In order to break from the passive OEM strategy, based on our market research and analysis,
CAOLION organized a right proposal with targeted products,
samples and design to each different distribution channels such as TV home shopping, export, medical distributing,
business special sales and eventually it guarantees the partner’s success with our quick delivery system and after care service.

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CAOLION, The Best Partner for Success


With our 20 years of expertise, CAOLION promises to lead your business to success

  • Exceptional Products

    Exceptional Products

    Since 1995 Korea’s first pure, non-irritable cosmetics
    Holds leading-edge cosmetic research development
    technology as a manufacturer

  • Reliable Products

    Reliable Products

    Craftsmanship of creating natural cosmetic products,
    non-added chemical substances,
    for sensitive skin instead of solely
    concentrating on temporary effects

  • Unique Products

    Exceptional Products

    Creativity based on history and tradition

Caolion ODM/OEM Process


One stop, total service for cosmetic ODM–OEM

  • CAOLION Headquarter

    CAOLION Headquarter

    Market & trend & target analysis,
    Product planning, Design



    Natural ingredients development,
    Natural cosmetics development

  • CAOLION Factory

    CAOLION Factory

    Usage of trustworthy resources,
    Sanitary and efficient manufacturing

  • CAOLION Logistics

    CAOLION Logistics

    Maintain product value & secure retail

Caolion Speciality


Uniqueness is the key in global market! The most Korean yet, preeminent leader of the global market

General/ordinary OEM Manufacturers

  • · Client Company Inconvenience of processing Product development,
    design, subsidiary material manufacturing, etc on its own
  • · Outcome according to clienst request Conventional contents
    and packing production with no differentiating elements
  • · Only supports product manufacturing process

CAOLION Cosmetics

1 to 10 ( One-stop) total manufacturing

Process Design, Content development, Subsidiary material,
Finished product manufacturing, up to advertising and promotion materials
based on thorough market research and client analysis

  • · Release of unique, distinguished products made with philosophy and spirit
  • · Sustainable business with continuous product renewals and product line expansion
  • · Smooth communication
  • · Flexible company structure, Rapid processing
  • · Capability of operating various projects
  • · A One-Stop process from product planning to production

Caolion ODM/OEM Product List


All products are made of natural ingredients, Developing a non-irritable products, applicable even for sensitive skins, by minimizing the use of chemical substances.

  • Skin care

    • Cleanser
    • Mist
    • Toner
    • Lotion
    • Essence
    • Cream
    • Serum
    • Ampoule
  • Make up

    • BB Cream
    • CC Cream
    • Makeup Base / Primer
    • Foundation
    • Loose Powder / Pressed Powder
    • Condealer
    • Lipstick / Lip Gloss
    • Mascare
    • Eye liner
    • Eye Shadow
    • Blush
    • ETC
  • Body & Hair

    • Body Cleanser / Scrub
    • Body Lotion / Cream / Oil
    • Body Sliming
    • Tanning Oil
    • Feminine Cleanser
    • Hand Cream
    • Hair Shampoo
    • Hair Treatment
    • ETC
  • Mask & Pack

    • Sheet Mask
    • Hydrogel Mask
    • Biocellulose Mask
    • Wash-off Mask
    • Peel-off Mask
    • Sleeping Pack
    • Sleeping Pack
    • Eye Mask/Patch
    • ETC
  • Etc.

    • Brightening Care
    • Wrinkle Refining Care
    • Sun Care
    • Men’s Products
    • Baby Products
    • ETC