(100ml) Pore Cool Cleansing Foam


Gently cleanses down to the pores and refreshes with a cooling sensation to soothe, awaken skin and tighten pores.

Calms irritated skin and improves puffiness.

Tightens enlarged pores with cooling effect

Enhances skin firmenss

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COOL foam for tightening pores

• Pore cool foam contains Sea salt, Encomia bark, Kaolin clay that calms skin and tightens pore.
• During cleansing, when the temperature goes down with cooling effect, it calms, depuffs skin and tightens enlarged pore for skin firmness and contouring.

Weight 100.0000 g
How to use

Suggested Usage:
1. Squeeze enough amount into palm.

2. Apply tepid water to lather.

3. Gently massage cleanser onto wet face.

4. When skin starts to feel the cooling effect, rinse clean with lukewarm water.


Keep away from eyes.


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