Freshly Hydro Sheet Mask EA


From Natural Prunus Mume Water, ‘D-Programme’
Hydro mask that provides enriched essence for uneven and fatigue skin, enhancing natural strength of skin, leaving skin purified and refreshed with an immediate hydration sensation.


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A hydro sheet mask that delivers essential hydration to uneven and fatigued skin, enhancing skin’s natural strength. 

The Freshly Hydro Sheet Mask deeply penetrates into skin, providing nourishment to uneven and fatigued skin. Great for all skin types including sensitive, the jelly-like hydrogel mask locks in moisture for immediate and long-lasting hydration, while natural prunus mume water and chitosan purify, calm, and restore the skin’s natural strength.



Weight 25 g
How to use

1. Cleanse face and apply toner to correct skin texture.
2. Unfold and remove the attached film.
3. For upper side, align mask around eye area.
4. For lower side, align mask around lip area and leave on for 30 minutes.
5. Remove mask and gently pat in remaining serum for absorption.


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