Freshly Moisture Serum STEP 2


Water drop texture melts instantly into skin after contact, providing immediate hydration. Natural humectants eucalyptus leaf extract, and water soluble collagen locks moisture into skin without irritation – recommended for sensitive skin

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Moisture serum that provides intense hydration. (For oily and/or combo skin types)

• Natural Prunus mume water purifies toxin and impurities, leaving the skin refreshed.
• Provides ultra hydration and moisturizes the skin all day long.
• Natural Eucalyptus extract locks moisture into the skin, preventing the skin from dryness.
• Silky water drop texture absorbs quickly into the skin, providing moisture and skin refreshment.

Weight 50 g
How to use

Suggested usage:
1. After applying toner, apply a pea-sized amount onto face and neck.

2. Pat gently until fully absorbed. (For oily and combination skin)


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