Relax Cool Eye Serum


A refreshing, easily absorbed formula that immediately alleviates the appearance of puffiness with cooling effects on sensitive eye areas. A KFDA certified to brighten complexions – a MUST for bright, lively eyes

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Non-irritating, cooling eye serum for the sensitive eye area. (For sensitive skin) / (Brightens + Refines Wrinkles)

• Natural Prunus mume water purifies toxin and impurities, leaving the skin refreshed.
• Provides moisture on the sensitive eye area with cooling effect.
• Revitalize and sooth the eyes and reduces wrinkles.
• Calms the sensitive eye area and diminishes the look of eye puffiness.
• Enhances complexion with enriched moisture and brightening effect.
• Non-irritating serum quickly absorbs, leaving skin refreshed

Weight 20 g
How to use

Suggest Usages:

1. Apply a pea-sized amount under eye area and pat gently for absorption. (For sensitive skin)

Tip: Keep refrigerated to enhance depuffing and skin calming benefits.


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